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Ever started writing a fic and then ran out of juice five paragraphs in, and then wondered if you should turf the whole thing but they're five really fucking incredible paragraphs and you wish somebody would just adopt the poor thing?

Ever left popslash for shiny new things and found yourself with a few begun-and-never-to-be-finished fics that you can't bring yourself to throw out?

Ever gotten an idea for one fantastic little piece, but it doesn't go anywhere, and you're left with one intensely cool bunny that just won't hop?

Welcome to dead_bunnies, where the rest of us will try to resucitate.


-please limit yourself to a maximum of two bunnies per post, for easier filing.
-for now, only popslash bunnies are accepted.
-if you post something, don't pitch a fit if somebody runs with it and doesn't write it the way you expected.
-if you want a bunny, let the person know that you've taken it and credit the person for it.
-don't get tetchy if nobody picks up your deceased rabbit--there was a reason you couldn't finish the damn thing, wasn't there?
-no community announcements, and the only story announcements allowed are if you've finished a fic based on a bunny from here.

-it's okay to post things that you're stuck on, for cathartic reasons--that is, not for giveaway. Just be sure to label your fic as "not for pickup/distribution/rent" or whatever wording you like, and post away!
-the rest of us should feel free to comment on where we'd like to see the fic go, or what stood out as interesting and what bogged the rest down. Because I like to think we're being constructive.

-If you want to ask and see if anybody's got specific bunnies/idea help, go right ahead.