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Exodus and Cartharsis Joey Fatone/Robbie Williams

First start-Joey POV-Exodus
You saw him getting high off the Sharpie so you had to try. One sniff was all it took and you guys were flying through the clouds. He said his name but you forgot because you were so entranced by his British accent.

Second start-Robbie POV "not for pickup/distribution/rent"

Pride was everywhere. It filled the streets of Liberty Avenue that night. Black and white background and only the rainbow flag in color. They only thing that mattered that night on Queer As Folk U.S. He stared at his rainbow flag in his closet. He chuckled at the position of the banner. Is he or isn’t he? That was the question that stumped the nation and half the world. Hell, he didn’t even know. All he knew was that he loved sex and it didn’t matter where he got it. Male or female it didn’t matter just as long as he could cum and leave everything was all right. Robbie loved a good blowjob. Those were so hard to find nowadays. He thought as he turned off the telly. He sat down on his sofa. He stared at the brightly colored flag . Joey’s mouth was perfect for blowing. He shook the thought from his head. Joey was a married man. He didn’t have time for his shit anymore. He had a wife and kid to take care of now. No more blowing blokes in the back seats of cars. He’d moved on maybe he should too. He concentrated on his reflection on the TV. Brown hair and beautiful eyes were what he saw on the glass. He smirked. “Maybe I am the world’s most handsome man.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “Naw. Joey Fatone is.” Raising an eyebrow, he picked up his phone from it’s cradle. His fingers dialed a number he knew too well.
“Hello?” the tired voice on the other end said.
“Hey.” Robbie said disguising his voice.
“This isn’t Robbie. This is Toby.”
“Well, “Toby”, you have a horrible American accent.”
He let a long sigh.
“Does it suck that bad?”
“Yup, it sucks harder than Christina Aguilera. Not that I would know anything about that.” He said quickly adding the last part.
“She does give a great bj.”
“Why are you calling me?” Joey said, quickly changing the subject.
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