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So, I finally got the balls to post this bunny that I've had for a while. (I actually think it's because it's 5 in the morning and I haven't went to sleep yet, nor do I plan on it)It started about a month ago or so. I was bored and asked a friend to give me 3 words to write a story on, and since she is my bitch (*g*), she did. :D The words she chose were: Lazy, Mischievous and Summer Days. (haha, she considers 'summer days' one word)

This bunny isn't up for grabs just yet, I still think I can write on to it if I have a little push. I just would like some ideas/feedback/encouragement/help, kinda thing.

I'm not giving anyone any boundaries other then I don't want this story to end up being straight or extremely long. It can be angsty or fluff well, I don't think fluff would work with this, but hey! it could happen. ;] , what ever you guys come up with.

Sullen Boy
Days like this, I don't know what to do with myself
All day - and all night
I wander the halls along the walls and under my breath
I say to myself
I need fuel - to take flight
(Sullen Girl by Fiona Apple Lyrics.)

JC crouched next to the water, causing a barely audible squishing sound come from his dry trunks. Slipping the tips of his fingers into the water, he silently prayed it would be at least close to the 86 degree weather around him. He growled angrily to himself as he realized it was not, his fingers curling into the palms of his hands causing tiny half moons to appear where his jagged bitten nails had pressed too hard. That’s what I get for missing my appointment at Sun crest Nails. JC thought, as he stood up.

His eyes eagerly looked around his yard once again. Nothing, there was *nothing* to do. Nothing on TV, nothing online, the pool was cold, the dogs were asleep, and all the guys were out doing their own thing. Why in the world did they decide to have a break? Because you’ve been on the road on and off for 10 years and some people actually have a fucking life they need to live. He angrily reminded himself.

You know your completely a lone when the only person to respond to anything you say is yourself, JC thought sadly as he walked back into his house. Repeatedly telling himself to get a grip and call someone as he walked inside the screen door. His eyes looked everywhere at once, searching for anything at all that would make this needing feeling in him go away. Nothing but an overly clean house which took way too little time to clean.

JC slowly took a deep breath in through his mouth as he felt the tears prickle at his eyes. Pathetic. This all was so pathetic. He never realized how boring his life was without music and the guys he loved, until now. There was really nothing to it. Nothing but a house that had a strong enough smell of strawberry to knock a person over JC realized, and he took another deep breath in, except through his nose. It's amazing the things that you can learn about stuff right in your face when you actually look. JC laughs softly, that thought would make no sense to anyone out side of his own mind, he thinks.

“You really need to stop talking to yourself inside your head. If you’re going to be insane and talk to yourself at all you should at least say it out loud. I mean, no one’s here to be able to hear a damn word of it anyway.” JC said and he angrily sat down on his couch, pulling a pillow tight into his chest and burying his head into the soft linen. A loud yelp left his mouth just as quick as he jumped off the couch when he felt a hand touch his shoulder lightly.

“Hey, hey! It’s just me! Calm down man.” Lonnie said as he took the seat JC had just seconds ago flew off of, sighing loudly.

“Jesus Christ, you scared the shit out of me.” JC squeaked as he let a shaky breath out, running his finger through his messy curls.

“If anything, you scared the shit out of *me*. I thought some one was up here!”

“Some one *is* up here, man. I’m right in front of you. See!!!” JC said as he waved his arms in front of Lonnie’s face.

“Yeah, I know.” Lonnie said flatly. “I mean some one that could hurt you. I thought you went for a swim outside, and the next thing I know I hear some one talking and banging around in the living room.”

“I wasn’t BANGING around, I was just….”

“Finally seeing stuff that’s been in your house for years, yadda yadda yadda, yeah I heard the whole story, lets not go through it, ok?” Lonnie grinned up at JC’s shocked face and rosy blush.

“You heard me?” he choked out.

“Well yeah, I was standing right behind you, and lets just say you weren’t very quite about it.” Lonnie replied as he lazily stretched out on the couch, taking time to scratch his bald head thoroughly.

“I thought I was just talking…in my head….”JC quietly admitted, and he ducked his head to try and hide his growing blush, not expecting the pillow to hit him smack in the face before he did it. “Hey! That has buttons on it! And it *hurts*!” JC whined as he took a seat on the chair across from the couch as he rubbed a hand over his face.

“Well, where are you going? Weren’t you going to swim? You know since you’re wearing trunks and all…”

“Um. no…the pool was cold.”

“Why didn’t you put the heater on when you took the dogs out?” Lonnie asked as he pelted another pillow in JC’s direction.

“I don’t know! I didn’t think of it…and stop that, I told you it hurts!” JC's voice rose incredulously as he felt a 3rd pillow hit him in the just as the last syllable left his mouth.

“You’re no fun, and will you please answer my question? Are you going anywhere today?” Lonnie’s voice turned serious as he sat up to wait for his answer. JC sat silently for a couple minutes, fiddling with the strings hanging off the pillows that were now in his lap. He bit his lip as he thought of somewhere he could go, something he could do that actually sounded kind of interesting.

“Um yeah, I have an idea. I’m gonna go, uhhhh….. take a drive.” JC said, starting with a soft whisper and finished with a loud statement.

“That didn’t sound very convincing…where are you going to drive to?”

“Uhhh, no where. I’m just gonna drive.” JC said as he sat up quickly started to walk to the stairs that leaded to the main bedroom, before Lonnie could question him further.

“Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaceeeeeee!” Lonnie whined, trying to get JC to turn back around and talk to him. JC always seemed the worst to get stuff out of. He usually got distracted halfway through an explanation or just decided the conversation was not worth that much talking and stopped immediately to find something more interesting to do.

“What?” JC said sharply as he turned around. Shocking both himself and Lonnie.

“Tell me where you’re going, man. Or I’m gonna go with you. I thought you learned this deal years ago, tell me where you’re going and I’ll decide weather or not security is needed or how much of it.” Lonnie answered just as sharply standing up from his comfortable position on the couch.

“Ugh, I’m just going to drive around town, maybe a little out of town. Nothing too far. I won’t even get out of the car and I’ll wear a baseball cap, ok?” JC answered, staring Lonnie straight in the eyes, making sure he thought he was telling the absolute truth.

“Yeah,man. Take your cell phone and call if anything happens or you change your mind ok?”

“Yeah, yeah ok.” JC yelled from the top of the stares as he jogged down the hallway to his room.

The guilt raised into the pit of his stomach once he finally reached his bedroom hitting him with a pang. He had lied. It wasn’t even that big of a lie, but he always felt awful after lying about anything, especially lying to one of the bodyguards. They trusted them now, after the years of slipping away from them in Germany and being chased down roads by hundreds of screaming and crying fans. The guards had thought they learned their lessons, after Lance got a bloody nose and Justin broke his wrist, twice. They didn’t disguise themselves good enough, a bitter little voice reminded him in his head. But JC knew no one was going to notice him where he was going. No one.


And that's all I got folks. I know it's sucky, but I just started to try the whole writing fan fiction thing these past few months if that's any kind of excuse.

Any ideas?
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Hmmm -- what with JC's petulant tone, I'm sure you could make it funny if you decide you don't want to do angst. One of the boys being whiny can sometimes make for good comedy. *g*

From what I've read so far, I'm wondering:

1) what JC's tried so far to amuse himself
2) if it's just stir-craziness from not seeing the other guys that's bugging him, or if it's something deeper
3) where he's going

The tone so far is really pretty light; I like the idea of JC getting some crazy idea in his head to run off and indulge in, and it could turn out really fun.

Also, be sure to get somebody to beta-read if you do end up completing it -- I spotted a few grammatical errors and stuff, and you want to catch those. *g*

Best of luck!