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Take my baby

Oh why not. Maggie started this community right after seeing me post this dead!bunny, so I might as well bring it on over here where maybe someone will take it. Enjoy!

Lance examined a perfectly manicured nail, tapped his left foot three times, shook his head, and rang the doorbell again. After almost five minutes, the door was finally flung open. Lance's jaw dropped and he forgot all about the loose thread on his shirt.

"Lance! Come in, come in!"

Lance gawked at JC for a full thirty seconds before it even occurred to him that there might be photographers hiding in the bushes. He quickly glanced around a few times before scooting in the door and closing it firmly behind him. "Um. JC. What are you wearing?"

JC looked down, puzzled. "You don't like capris?"

Lance raised his eyebrow and gave JC a very pointed look. JC's hand fluttered up and self-consciously smoothed the flip in his shoulder length, Patty Duke style blue wig, making sure it was even all the way around. Satisfied that it was, he glanced down again, and picked a piece of lint off his pink, studded tank top. Lance closed his eyes.

"Are you ok? Want some tea?"

Lance opened his eyes again. JC was still wearing the wig. "Sure. Tea."

JC flounced out of the room, hair swinging in a perfect arc behind him. Once JC was safely bustling around the kitchen, Lance flipped out his cell phone. He looked over his shoulder once, then whispered urgently into the phone, "Joe. I'm at C's. You gotta get over here."

The tea was some sort of vaguely fruity herbal mix that JC informed him had a gingko biloba infusion, and would make his headache better. Lance hadn't really trusted himself to speak, and had nodded like he was interested in the benefits of gingko biloba. JC didn't seem to notice that Lance was only half paying attention, or that he kept anxiously peering out the kitchen window.

When he finally heard Joey's heavy footsteps in the hall, Lance sighed happily. Joey was much better than he was at this sort of thing.

"What's u--Wow. JC. Wow."

Lance looked back and forth between JC's shy blush and Joey's appreciative headnod and closed his eyes again.

When he opened them, not only was JC still wearing the wig, Joey was petting it.

"That's really nice, man. Smooth."

JC grinned proudly and said, "I use only Aveda products."

Lance rolled his eyes and cleared his throat. JC looked over at him, concerned. "Want more tea, Lance?"

"No, I'm good. Um. So. What're you…doing, JC?"

JC's face lit back up and he tucked a loose strand of hair behind his left ear. "I was working on some ideas for a new song."

That wasn't exactly the answer Lance had been hoping to get, but he supposed it was better than JC telling him he was practicing his speech for the Miss Fabulous pageant or some other such nonsense, so he forced a crooked smile in what he hoped was an encouraging manner. Joey patted JC on the back, gave him a genuine smile and said, "Oh, great!"

JC bounced up and down in excitement. "Wanna see?"

Joey nodded and JC happily scampered out of the room. Joey's eyes followed, glued to JC's retreating form, a grin fixed on his face.

"Joey," Lance said firmly, trying to get Joey's attention. Joey turned to him, eyebrows raised. "He's wearing. A wig."

Joey still had a smile plastered on his face, and he nodded. "Yeah, he looks good, right?"

Lance shook his head in disbelief. "Wha-"

"Really brings out the blue in his eyes, you know?"

"Well, I gue - No!" Joey was happily staring into the middle distance, and Lance sighed heavily and repeated himself, like maybe it hadn't sunk in to Joey's brain yet. "Joey, he's wearing. a wig."

Joey looked down at Lance, raised his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders, giving Lance a look of utter confusion. Lance rubbed his temples and closed his eyes again.

JC had a velvet covered notebook, and sat down with it on the couch, explaining his concept for this new song. Secretly, Lance thought that if you had to really explain the concept, it probably wasn't a very good one, and was about to make a crack about cybersex when he noticed that Joey didn't seem to find JC's conceptual art as funny as he did. In fact, Joey looked pretty enthralled, and was absentmindedly running his fingers through the wig.

Lance thought about closing his eyes again, but that really hadn't seemed to help the first few times he'd done it, so instead he slipped out of the room and opened his cell phone.

After three rings, a cranky voice snapped at him, "No one I know calls me at this hour."

"Chris. It's…11:30."

"Exactly. No one I know calls this early." Chris drew in a deep breath and sighed in a very put upon manner. "Except you. Why is that, Lance?"


"This better be fucking good," Chris cut him off.

"JC is wearing a wig. A blue one. A shoulder length blue wig."

"Lance," Chris said slowly, like he was explaining a big concept to a five year old. "Not before 12. Please. Try and remember that in the future, m'kay?"

"It flips up at the ends. You have to get over here and talk to him," Lance said matter-of-factly.

"Lance. It is 6 fucking AM." Chris sounded decidedly less patient this time. Lance twisted the loose thread on his shirt around his forefinger and peered back into the living room. "If you're that upset about it, call Joey, I'm sure he'd love to hear all about it."

"Joey's here."

"Ok, great. Bye, Lance."

In desperation, Lance blurted, "No, wait! He's here, but he's…stroking it," and waited for Chris to tell him he'd be right over to talk some sense into the two of them. "Chris?"

The thread was now cutting off circulation, and Lance quickly snapped it off as Chris sighed. "Chris. Is…Is Justin there?"

"Yes, he is, but I'm afraid he's busy stroking it."

"Chris. Chris? Chris?" Lance glanced at the face of his cell phone. "Bastard."

Lance looked at his cell phone in disgust for a moment before putting it, along with the detached thread, back in his pocket. He inspected the hem of his shirt before fixing a big smile on his face and striding back into the living room.

JC and Joey were still sitting on the couch, having an animated discussion that seemed to involve JC flipping his hair quite a bit. Lance cleared his throat and said, "Hey, so. Do you guys wanna go shopping?"

JC turned to look at Lance, flipping his hair again, and actually clapped his hands together and help them cupped under his chin. "What kind of shopping?"

"Well, I was thinking clothes, unless you had - "

"Give me a minute to get changed!"

Twenty-five minutes later, JC finally reappeared in the living room, smiling broadly. Wearing the same clothes. But sans wig, Lance happily noted. Joey grinned at him and ruffled his shaggy hair. "*This* took twenty-five minutes?"

JC patted the top of his artfully messy hair a few times and said haughtily, "I also changed my shoes."

Joey burst out laughing, and Lance warily eyed JC's feet, which were now clad in leather flip-flops with a small pink flower in the v of each thong. Lance had a sneaking suspicion that JC had glued the flowers there himself, and marveled at JC's idea of shoes for going out in public in. Lance racked his memory for what JC had been wearing before--strappy sandals, stilettos perhaps? He drew a complete blank, and actually debated asking JC, but decided that he was better off not knowing.

um. that's it. Be free, dead!bunny!
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