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Ok, this one isn't up for grabs. It was suppose to be a Letterboy written for JC's birthday. As you can see, that didn't quite happen, I got kinda stuck...

There's most likely going to be a lot of grammar error since it's not beta-ed and I tend to switch from present tense to past tense at the oddest times.

JC dreams in colours. Just swirls of colours dancing in front of his eyes, constantly changing, yet never disappearing. It has been like this ever since he could remember, but something feels wrong this time..

Everywhere he looks, things are bathed in coloured lights. He looks beside him. Well, everything except this empty black space here. He figures that was the problem.

He runs towards the colours, hoping that if he got far away enough the nagging feeling at the pit of his stomach would go away along with the empty spot. He turns around and realizes he can't see the empty space anymore. Satisfied, he stops. But when he looks beside him, the black hole is there again. JC starts running again, but every time he stops the hole is there beside him. Always beside him. His plan to get rid of it is interrupted by a ring.

A really loud irritating ringing sound.

JC groans and rolls over, pulling the blanket over his head in the process. He knows that if he ignores the phone long enough, it'll stop ringing soon.

He waits.

The phone keeps on ringing.

Hopefully soon.

Ten more rings later, JC gives up and picks up the phone. He only knows one person who would let the phone ring that many times unanswered.

"Good morning, sunshine!" A gleeful voice greets him, which then breaks off into a rendition of "Happy Birthday".

A really loud off key rendition.

JC cringes and pulls the phone away from his ear when the voice hits an incredibly high note. He places the phone back to his ear when the screeching fades.

"Chris," JC glances at the clock. It's eleven o'clock. "why the hell are you calling so early?"

"Why hello to you to, Mister Grumpy. See if I ever serenade you on your birthday ever again. And besides, it's eleven, Jayce."

"My point exactly. You know I like to sleep in today." He rubs his eyes and looks down sadly at this bed. He can never go back to sleep after he wakes up, no matter how tired he is.

"Anyways," Chris continues as if JC hadn't say anything. "You would not believe what I got you today. I swear, you're gonna love it. And you're gonna owe me so big for it too!"

Chris cackles, which quickly turns into a yelp.

"Quit it! I'm on the phone!" JC hear him hiss through the phone.


JC hears a quiet moan, that sounds suspiciously like--

'Oh no...God, please don’t let them be doing what I think they're doing. Please.'

"Lance wants to talk to you now!" Chris says in a hurry.

JC sighs. So much for that thought.

"Hey. I didn't know Chris was talking to you. Don't you usually sleep in today? Well, uh, Happy Birthday and have fun today. And now I have to...go...yea, go do something." Lance says, breathing just a little heavily.

"Oh, thanks, man."

Before he can say bye, he hears the dial tone. He stares at the phone for a while then drops it back on its cradle.

Some friends he has. Waking him up at the ass crack of down and then hanging up without saying goodbye, because they're a bunch of hormonal fuckers who couldn't keep it in their pants even if the safety of world depends on it.

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