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It's the French hide n go seek

It's not up for grabs, I just need help moving it on. Any ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance!

You're sitting in Justin's new living room. He just bought a nice sized house that he'll probably spend about a month out of the year in, tops. But you're sure he's used to it. You all are. After all, you've been traveling all over the world for a good six years, so really, home is wherever you loved ones are. Really.

The five of you are gathered around his huge screen TV, and honestly, you have to move your head in order to follow the characters. Maybe you shouldn't sit so close. Your eyes are bad enough as it is.

Justin is long and lean against the white couch he's lying on. The TV's blue light bouncing off of him, reflecting in his eyes. He smiles at you briefly when you look at him before turning back to the TV. Joey is sitting in one of two overstuffed white chairs in the corner, beer glass in hand. He's concentrating on the subtitles across the bottom of the screen. You all are watching some old French movie. You whined until they let you watch and now you're ready to change the channel.

You've only been watching the movie for about five minutes.

Lance is in the other overstuffed chair, his head lolling to the side every so often. His laptop is resting open on his lap. It was dark out, and late, so you don't blame him. JC is on the floor next to you, except he's on his stomach and his feet are to your head. You think he's awake, but you can't tell.

It's been about another hour or so and you've changed positions at least ten times every five minutes when you hear a muffled screeching sound. It's hard to decipher because the room you're in is up on the second floor near the back of the house. You ignore it until you hear the sound again. A car, you think, or something. You don't notice anyone else responding in any way to the noise, so you don't either.

But maybe they don't hear it. Maybe you're the only one that hears it.


You don't worry about it anymore until you hear something that sounds like a crash. It's still muffled because of the distance, but it's clear that it was a car you were hearing before. The others jerk their heads up and look around. You all stare at each other with confused expressions. You assume JC actually was sleeping because he's the only one that didn't move.

Then the lights go out.

A few gasps here and there, a "Shit" on Lance's behalf--he didn't save his last file and he was plugged into the wall--, and an "Oops" could be heard coming from Joey. How hard is it to get beer out of a carpet?

But besides all that, it's quiet and you're all--save JC--looking around to see if the lights will come back on.

"Nope," you say about a minute later.

"Well damn," Justin says. "What the hell happened?" You lean back on your arms, staring at the blank screen. You can hear Joey moving around. Probably looking for something to clean up his mess.

"Um," Lance says, "The lights went out Justin. That would be why it's pitch black in here." You groan and lay back down.

"Fuck you, Lance," Justin replies, but there isn't a sting. "You know what I meant. Why did they go out, jackass?" You remain quiet.

"How am I supposed to know, Justin? I'm in here with you." Justin groans, annoyed, and stands up to go look out the large, floor to ceiling window.

"What the fu?" His sock gets wet because he has to pass by Joey in order to get to the window. Joey, hearing how close Justin is, says,

"Sorry, man. I was kinda daydreaming--"

"It's the middle of the night." Lance adds.

"And when the lights went out it startled me." He turns in the direction he heard Lance's voice come from. "And you know what I mean smart-ass." Lance chuckles. The blinds could be heard moving and just the slightest light peeks in through the cracks. The moon is large and full.

"I can't see anything." Justin says. He looks out the window a little longer, then turns away to sit down. He should have mapped out his course before closing the blinds because he's headed in your direction.

And you have no intention of moving.

He brushes past you and he pauses. You don't make a sound. It's quiet as he prods your thigh with his socked toes and you suppress a giggle. "JC?" he questions. A bit of air escapes between your pursed lips. You hear JC groan next to you.


"Oh," Justin says," Just wanted to know what I touched."

"Well it wasn't me." He turned a bit to get himself comfortable. "Now leave me alone. I'm trying to sleep."

"Dude, the lights went out." Joey says. JC snores loudly in response. Lance laughs.

"Whatever." Justin says. You wonder why he doesn't think to call your name. It's quiet for a few seconds, until you hear Justin plop back down on his spot on the overstuffed couch. You picture his long limbs hanging over the arms of the couch despite its length.

"Well it'd be nice if I could see," Lance says. Yeah, that would be nice. "That's code for 'Justin, where are you're flashlights' or 'could you please go get one.'" Lance says when nobody--Justin--moves.

"I don't think I have one." Lance groans. "Well how was I supposed to know the lights would go out?"

"You should have one regardless."

"Well, I just moved in here," Justin reasons.

"You didn't get one from you're last house?" In other situations you would have tuned them out, but at this particular time it's dead quiet and there's nothing else for you to focus on.

"Whatever." 'Weakling', you think. You move over some and accidentally hit one of the TV speakers. "What was that?"

"Hey, you know whose voice I haven't heard?" Joey says, and an idea pops in your head. You wait until somebody begins to speak before you start moving around. "Chris'. Wasn't he lying right next to JC?"

"Chris?" Justin says. You want to giggle, but you hold it in. You try to remember where everything was so you won't knock something over. The little bit of light from the window can help you just as much as it could give you away.

"Oh you know he's down there. He's just trying to be funny," Lance says, and you want to smack him, so you do. You feel along the floor for something big, but not hard--you don't want to hurt him after all, not too much anyway.

When you're next to him, you feel around for a pen that's sure to be among other things in his laptop carrying bag. Sure enough you pull out what you think is a pen and thump the top of his head with it after carefully standing up. "What the fu--Chris!" he screeches and you don't really have to hide your snickering because Justin and Joey catch on and start laughing, too. Since he didn't really move you get back in your place and thump him again, this time on his cheek. "Damn it Chris! That hurt!" As you move to thump his other cheek, he grabs your hand and flings you over into his lap. You're momentarily stunned because you didn't expect that to happen. Who knew Lance could do that? Justin and Joey were still laughing.

"You leprechaun fucker!" he says as he struggles to move you around in his lap. You don't know what he's trying to do and you're not about to let him do it so you fight harder, simultaneously trying not to hit his jewels.

"What'd he do?" Joey asks in between snickers.

"He hit me in the face with a fucking pencil!" Lance exclaims. You laugh and begin to fall off of his lap. In that instant he lets go and you propel yourself away from him.

"It was a pen you crackhead," you laugh and continue to crawl away since you're laughing too hard to stand up just yet.

"Come here so I can smack you!" Lance says and you hear JC groan. He likes to sleep, but a heavy sleeper he is not. He grumbles something about stupid thirty something four year olds and walks away. You don't have time to pay too much mind because Lance has caught onto your leg and is pulling you back. You're being pulled back for a few seconds and then you feel someone grab hold of you wrists and pull.

"Hurry up, Justin!" you hear Joey say from in front of you. You feel more fingers picking at your ankles, at Lances hands.

"I'm trying. Lance, yo, you're stronger than you look."

"Thanks for the complement," he says, voice dripping with sarcasm. It isn't long before your ankles are released and you don't waist time running for safety. You just hope you don't run into anything. "Let me go, Justin, let me go!"

"Run, Forest, run!" Joey yells and you laugh. The rest of the house is quiet and you can hear the grunts from Lance and laughter from Joey and Justin fade as you get further away.

It's still dark in the long hallway when you stop to catch your breath. This is when realize that you have no idea where you're going. This is the first time since Justin's bought the house that you've really had a chance to look around--and you can't see anyway--so you don't know jack from squat. "Oh shit," you mutter when you hear running footsteps. You duck into the nearest dark doorway.

"Chris, yo, where are you?" You hear Justin's voice. You reach out and put a hand over his mouth, an arm around his waist, and pull him into whatever room it is you've ducked into.

"Shh," you say, and you feel him nod. His breath is hot against your fingers. After a few seconds of silence you move your hand. He moves away, but not far. "Where's Joey?" you whisper.

"He's holding Lance back," he answers, "he's supposed to--"

"Run!" Joey yells. Before you can protest Justin pulls you out of whatever room you two were hiding in and you come out of the door just as Joey passes. Justin's pushing you forward, saying,

"Hurry up, Chris! He's right behind me!"

"You bet your ass I am and you'll be sorry when I catch you."

"If," Justin clarifies. You all turn and race down the stairs. You hope Joey won't have one of his clumsy moments.

"Whoa…oof...humph!" You're hopes are dashed. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore the four of you tumble down the stairs--and there are a lot to fall down--landing on Joey. "Ow, shit! Get off!" He grunts. You're all laughing as you try to move, but tangled limbs trying to pry themselves apart all at once is getting you nowhere.

"Wait, wait, wait," you say, struggling once more to move before you stop altogether. "Lance, I think it would be a good idea if you moved first since you're on top."

"Well I think it would be a good idea if I stayed right here and put as much pressure on the three of you as I can giving that ya'll tried to team up against me." It's quiet, save for Joey painful grunts.

"Get off!" comes his muffled yowl. You're lying on top of him and your back is to his. You almost think you feel Joey's leg bent under you. But Joey can't bend that way.


"Lance, dude, best buddy. Move!" Joey yells, and you think maybe that is Joey's leg you feel under you're back.

"No. Give me one good reason why I should," Lance says, casually. You're moving, even though you aren't doing it, and you think that by the way Justin's groaning it's Lance getting comfortable. His contented sigh confirms it.

"Justin," your voice comes out muffled against his back, who is still groaning in pain by the way, "You lift weights every fucking chance you get. Why the hell can't you push him off?" You try to yell it as loudly as you can, wanting to maybe get the message across to Lance.

"Both of my hands are being held down." His voice is clear and you're jealous that he can breathe easily. Seconds later you hear Lance say "Stop moving," and Joey say something that sounds suspiciously like "Don't fucking tickle me, dude! Get the hell off of me. Lance! I swear to god when I get out from--


"--under here I'm going to break every bone in your body!" You hear something pop and you hope to god it's Lance cracking his knuckles like he always does when he's getting comfortable.

"Yo, you should really get off Lance. This isn't funny anymore." Justin says. And you automatically nod your head while finding out that you really can't.

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