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some guys don't got the gas to move it, and they don't go far

Well, it's not something that I started writing and couldn't finish, but it's an idea that I had that I'll never start, so I think it fits here, yes? Maybe it's not so much dead as prenatal. Anyway.

It's a crossover, but it could be intra-Street or, in a way, intra-Sync, but whatever it is, I'm kind of

It's a story idea I had after we had a transgendered speaker in my literature class. It's not a transgender story, though, it's a trans-bander story. Or something. The basic idea is that all boybands come from a literal boyband factory, and at any given time, there are five extras of each member, 'N Sync, Backstreet, & O-Town, in a warehouse, waiting in case the "active" Justin, Kevin, Trevor, whoever, is injured or tired or whatever.

And there's a Justin in the warehouse. But he really is a terrible Justin. He can't beatbox worth a damn, he couldn't care less about shoes, and he much prefers classic rock to r&b or rap. And, because he doesn't fit in with the other Justins, they all hate him. And the Lances are all bitchy to him and mock him. The Joeys kind of ignore him, but the Chrises and the JCs are really nice, to pick up the slack. But the Justin gradually starts realizing that he just doesn't feel like a Justin. He feels like a Nick.

And it's weird, and he tries to tell one of the Chrises, but the Chris just tells him that he's "not a Nick, [he's] just a Justin that came out a little defective. It happens." And the Backstreet guys won't talk to the 'N Sync guys at all (they were all produced during the days when Backstreet hated 'N Sync, right after Backstreet jumped labels), so the Justin watches the Nicks play with the other Boys, and he's all jealous and lonely and sad. So you get Nick, in Justin's body/any or all of the Boys. But that was just my initial idea; it could be JustinNick/Justin, which would be hot in that freakish clone way, or JustinNick/any of the Sync boys. I also had a vague notion that the JustinNick could be called into "active duty", and hook up with someone in the real world, but. There you have it.

It's so pretty and concept-y. And free to anyone who wants it.
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