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I have a million and a half dead bunnies lying around my hard drive at this point. And oddly enough a number of them are Chris/Lance. At one point, I apparently thought I could write that pairing. I was obviously wrong since they're all unfinished. [shrugs] Ah well. Perhaps someone out there will want to take these babies on.

The first one had to do with a bet where Chris lost and had to do Lance's laundry. And through doing Lance's laundry, Chris learns more about him and eventually they fall in love. Yeah, I don't think things through very well.

Lance had been uneasy when Chris had suggested that the loser of the bet has to do the winner’s laundry for two months. He had a system with his laundry and he worried about Chris messing up his silk shirts and linen pants. He still remembered how Chris had washed a pair of JC’s leather pants when he was “helping” him out.

He did agree though, against his better judgement. He thought that if he lost he would finally get a chance to tackle those grape juice stains on the white sweater Chris liked to wear when he was cold. Or the badly stained jeans that Chris wore all the time. So it wasn’t all bad.

But then something happened that had never happened before.

Lance won the bet.

Chris knocked on Lance’s front door promptly at 1 pm holding a bottle of bleach and an iron. His dogs were next to him, waiting calmly for once.

Lance opened the front door cautiously and looked at him. “Um. Hi. What’s the bleach for?”

“You want your whites to be their whitest, right?” Chris pushed him aside and stood in the foyer. “So where are your unmentionables, Bass?”

“How about you just buy me something instead?” Lance shifted nervously on his feet. “Like a nice, soft shirt or something?”

“And welch on a bet?” Chris made a face. “You must think I’m JC. Now point me towards your laundry and go do work. I know that turns your crank.”

Lance bristled but didn’t protest anymore. “My laundry is all in the basement where the washer and dryer are. Ironing board and all that are down there as well.”

Chris saluted him and headed towards the basement, doubling back quickly, the dogs tripping over themselves to keep from losing him. “How much silk do you own anyway?”

“Just go do my laundry.”

Yeah, that died a quick death there. I did have a graphic for it because graphics are fun. The writing wasn't.

So, I also started a story for Chris's birthday. His 30th birthday. Um. Yeah. It's also based on Groundhog's Day so it would have gotten very annoying very quickly. Basically Chris had to keep reliving the day before his 30th birthday until he got it right and made Lance love him. Then he could turn 30.

“...Don’t really wanna make it tough I just wanna tell you that I had enough it may sound crazy but it ain’t no lie. Bye bye bye. Bye bye.”

Chris groaned and rolled over in the bed, pressing his face back into the pillow and ignoring the radio as best he can. Too fucking early to hear ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’.

“And that was *Nsync doing ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’. Let’s hope those boys never go ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’ from our charts. Now let’s go to Wendy for weather.”

“Thanks, Steve. It’s a scorcher out there today, another freakishly hot day in October. I’m talking frying eggs on the sidewalk...”

Chris lifted his head a little. Now that sounded like a challenge to him.

“We’re looking at about 98º and rising.”

Chris groaned again at that and hid his face. Too fucking early for bad 98 Degrees jokes.

“Plus we’re looking at almost 90% humidity on top of that. It’s going to feel like it’s almost 120º out there. So word to the wise, don’t go outside and if you do, make sure to dress light and drink lots of fluids. Because it’s a hot one today. Back to you, Steve.”

That was enough for Chris and he hit the button, turning it off. He laid in bed for a few more minutes before looking over at the calendar on his wall. One more day until he turned 30. He really just wanted to stay and bed and hide until that was over but they had a rehearsal this morning and then an interview this afternoon.

He got out of bed, stretching, feeling his joints pop and ache. It was just another sign that he was getting old. He reached down and adjusted himself, pushing his morning wood back into his boxers.

He used to wake up and jerk off first thing. Now he ignored it and went downstairs to get himself coffee and feed the dogs who were yapping at him loudly.

Justin was in his kitchen which made him do a double take. He was bent over a bowl of cereal wearing boxers.

“Morning,” Chris mumbled, grabbing the dogs dishes and haphazardly pouring food into both of them. “Quiet down, you little fuckers.”

“That’s nice,” Justin spoke in mumbles as well, his voice quiet around a mouthful of cereal. “Call them little fuckers. I thought you loved them.”

Chris grunted and put the bowls down, watching the dogs attack them with a voracious appetite.

“Why are you in my house? Don’t you have one of your own?”

Justin looked up at me and rubbed his eyes. “Britney’s got her girlfriends over. Either I leave or I get a makeover or something. It’s scary. You live closest.”

“Well thanks,” Chris fumbled with the coffee pot, watching as it bounced off the counter and onto the ground, shattering. “Fuck me!”

Justin grunted a little. “Broke the coffee pot, yo.”

“Get the fuck out of my house!”

Justin just grunted again and went back to his cereal while Chris swept up the shards of glass and attempted to keep Busta and Korea away from the broken glass.

He lamented the loss of his coffee pot.


Chris dropped his bag on the floor and went right over to Lance, snuffling his neck and peering up at him with his big, brown eyes.

Lance looked at him warily. “What?”

“Can I have the rest of your coffee?”

Lance continued to look at him warily. “Why? How much have you had?”

“None,” Chris sighed, flopping down and lying across Lance’s lap now. “I broke the coffee pot this morning. And because Justin’s an asshole we didn’t get a chance to stop for any.”

Lance handed him the mug of steaming coffee, complete with plenty of cream and sugar just the way both he and Chris drank it.

“Why is Justin an asshole?”

Chris drained half the mug before answering. “Why isn’t Justin an asshole?” He sighed happily. “Coffee good. Lance good.” He gave Lance a wet, coffee-slippery kiss on the cheek before getting up and wandering back out of the room.

Lance sighed heavily and got up to get more coffee. Just like every other day.


“Chris,” Wade shook his head, grabbing Chris’ arm and pulling him back into place. “You’re off on the 3rd and the 5th beat. Watch Justin.”

Chris sighed, resting his hands on his aching knees and breathing heavily. He brushed his hair back, the sweat stinging his eyes as he watched Justin dance. He could follow what he was supposed to do. He just couldn’t seem to do it today.

“I got it, Wade,” Chris straightened back up, grimacing a little. “Let’s just run it again.”

He felt a hand rest on his back briefly before they got back into place. Lance smiled as he moved away, waiting patiently for the music to start again.

Before it could though, there was a loud howling from the baby monitor on Joey’s hip. He gave Wade a apologetic smile and disappeared from the room to check on Brianna.

“Can we break?” asked Lance quietly as Wade walked over to the stereo again.

Chris turned his head a little to see Wade’s reaction. There was a heavy sigh, which they all knew meant that Wade was going to say yes but he was going to whine about it.

“Sure,” Wade nodded, stretching himself. “I’m gonna go grab something to drink. I suggest the rest of you use this time to eat something or get something to drink.”

Chris collapsed on the ground. “Kill me.”

Lance looked down at him, his head tilted slightly. “You kind of look like a bug.”

“Fuck you, Bass.”


“I’ll take her,” said Chris, holding out his arms. “Babies like me.”

Joey sighed and looked at him a little skeptically but Chris hadn’t been proven wrong yet. Brianna did like him. And he was starving and she wouldn’t stop crying.

“Okay,” Joey handed Brianna over to Chris, passing her spit up towel to him as well. “I think she’s just being fussy.”

“It’s okay,” Chris smiled at Brianna, tickling her a little. She just wailed louder. “You eat. I’ll take care of the munchkin.”

And there we go. My humble contributions to the fandom. I hope someone can do something with them.
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