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It's more like just the foot, and maybe an ear.

Definitely not a whole bunny.

JC refused to look over, aware that Chris had taken a seat next to him on the rocks. He continued to stare out at the ocean, the reflection of the sun off the waves painful in its beauty.

"I'm sorry."

JC still wouldn't look at him. "Are you?"

Chris was quiet for a long time. Finally he spoke.

"I'm not sorry that I didn't want to take this trip. And I'm not sorry that I upset Justin," JC glanced sideways and saw the lie that was written clearly on Chris's face, "but I am sorry that you got caught in the middle."

"I just don't get you Chris. What was so wrong with this trip? Everyone else is enjoying it." He spotted Joey and Justin pushing Lance into the freezing Pacific surf. "Or at least they're trying to enjoy it."

The words were out before Chris could stop them.


I have absolutely no clue where I was going with this. Possibly TrickC with a side of Timbertrick or JC/Justin. I'm not sure. Or it could have just been a friends thing. I found this on a disk at work today. The date on the file is from last November. I don't even remember writing it. I had tentively titled it "Fortress Around Your Heart" so apparently I was planning on abusing Sting lyrics. :-)
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